Family of couple killed in crash before wedding files lawsuit

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BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KERO) New details in the crash that killed a Bakersfield couple just weeks before their wedding day were shared with 23ABC Friday.

You may remember the story of Mathew Woodall and Nicolett Conley. They died on their way to Las Vegas, just days before they were set to say, “I do.” Now, their loved ones are taking legal action.

The wedding ceremony for Mathew Woodall and Nicolett Conley was not what family members like Mathew’s mother Terri Brown envisioned, ‘The 27 of 2017 was when they were going to be married,” Brown said.

The couple had plans to finalize their love exactly two years after they first met in Vegas on July 27, 2015. Family members were set to watch the two say their vows to each other in Key West, Florida, but a crash on July 7, 2017 took their lives before their big day. “It’s just such a loss because they were both such wonderful people,” Brown said.

Mathew’s daughter and Conley’s parents are now filing a wrongful death lawsuit against several defendants including the trucking company and the truck driver involved. According to the lawsuit the crash happened on  Highway 58 near Highway 395, two miles west of Kramer Junction.

The documents say the truck driver, Jose Herrera, didn’t slow down and slammed into the back of the Camry at approximately 55 miles per hour, killing Woodall and Conley who were sitting in the back seat.

The truck driver Herrera was cited by California Highway Patrol (CHP) for speeding. CHP submitted their case for vehicular manslaughter to the San Bernardino District Attorney’s Office. It remains under review.

Both Conley and Woodall were buried next to one another, “I just feel that they’re together in eternity, for you know the two of them, they wouldn’t have wanted it any other way,” Brown said.

23ABC reached out to the trucking company to see if they wanted to comment on the lawsuit against them but  haven’t heard back. The family’s attorney was also unavailable for comment Friday.