Tim Osborn, Esq. Faces One of World’s Largest Oil Companies

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The Success of the Underdog Award celebrates the victory of a case that presented particularly difficult or unique legal challenges. While many attorneys wouldn’t have assumed the risk of the case, the attorney featured for the award made a commitment to achieving justice for their client. This year’s award is proudly presented to Attorney Timothy Osborn.

Up against one of the nation’s largest defense firms employed by one of the world’s largest oil companies, Attorney Osborn secured a settlement of $5.25 million on behalf of an elementary school teacher who was severely injured in an auto collision. The Law Offices of Timothy Osborn represented the Plaintiff who sustained serious cervical neck injuries, multiple fractures to her leg, a fracture to her ulna, and a TBI caused by a coup contrecoup. These injuries were sustained after an employee of the oil company crossed the dividing line of a highway and struck her head-on in a company vehicle. Not only did the oil company have multiple layers of coverage, but the defense team also refused to admit liability for the collision and would not settle the matter in their first mediation attempt.

Although many solo practitioners would be discouraged by the enormity of the case and the defense’s vast resources, Attorney Osborn remained committed to successfully representing his client. The Plaintiff’s lifestyle had been altered by the injuries, which required installation of permanent hardware, time spent in the hospital and bedrest. The first mediation only fueled Attorney Osborn’s devotion to securing fair compensation for the Plaintiff. Attorney Osborn knew that for a case with these complex injuries, he needed to break the communication barrier in between his medical experts and the jury. To do so, he employed visual aids for his experts to utilize in their testimony. With a more comprehensive argument, Attorney Osborn decided to attempt mediation again and secured a large settlement of $5.25 million by mid-afternoon. His resolve inspired the DK Global team and proved that skill and diligence can beat out even the biggest opposing counsel.

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