Radio Shack worker stole woman’s nude pics when she brought in phone to get fixed

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A California Radio Shack employee stole racy personal pictures off a customer’s cellphone after she brought it in to have its broken glass repaired, police said.

Jose Robert Miranda, 24, allegedly pinched the steamy naked selfie snaps after the smartphone was handed over to him at the Corte Madera Town Center in November, reports San Francisco Chronicle.


His alleged victim claims she was later deleting images from her tablet, connected to her phone through iCloud, when she realized 17 of them had been texted to an unfamiliar number.


The 28-year-old, from San Francisco, contacted Central Marin Police Authority with her concerns.


Cops later identified Miranda as being the worker who’d handled the phone.

During questioning, he reportedly confessed to stealing the pictures and sending them to himself, Marin Police Sgt. Paul Barrolaza told San Jose Mercury News.


Miranda, who no longer works at the store, was arrested and charged with stealing computer data and a related misdemeanor. He later posted bail.


He and Radio Shack are also now the subject of a lawsuit filed by his alleged victim.

“The photographs in question were of a private and sensitive nature and depicted the Plaintiff wearing little or no clothing,” the woman’s attorney Timothy Osborn wrote in the legal action.


She is seeking unspecified damages on allegations of privacy intrusion, negligence and other causes of action.


Neither Miranda nor Radio Shack have commented on the claims or lawsuit.


By: Lee Moran

originally published in the New York Daily News February 5, 2015